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Almaty City Tour (Bus)
Explore Almaty city during the brief and comprehensive guided tour! Get the first view of cultural and business districts of the southern capital of Kazakhstan. Enjoy an amazing mountain view in the Medeo valley…
Almaty City Tour "First Meeting with Almaty City" departs daily.
Tour duration 3 hours.
Tour bus departs at 10:00 AM from the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Adults: 6000 KZT
Children (ages 3-11): 5000 KZT
All tickets are sold based on availability for specific date and may be obtained:
- ON BOARD before the tour
Accepted methods of payment: cash, VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB
Advance seat reservation is MANDATORY
Accepted methods of payment: cash, wire transfer, VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB

With the tour ticket you get an admission ticket to the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which you can visit straight after the tour or at any other day suitable for you during the Museum open hours.
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City Tours
The Best of Almaty (Bus/Walk)
Adults: 8000 KZT, Children (ages 3-11): 6500 KZT
Feel the spirit of real Almaty visiting the most interesting places of the city! Walk along green alleys of the Panfilov Park and see the most photographed building in Almaty - Zenkov Cathedral, plunge into atmosphere of real Asian market at the Green Bazaar and enjoy a bird-eye city view from the Koktobe hill…
Almaty City Tour (Bus)
Adults: 6000 KZT, Children (ages 3-11): 5000 KZT
Explore Almaty city during the brief and comprehensive guided tour! Get the first view of cultural and business districts of the southern capital of Kazakhstan. Enjoy an amazing mountain view in the Medeo valley…
Almaty Grand Tour (Bus/Walk)
Adults: 15000 KZT, Children (ages 3-11): 12000 KZT
History of the South capital of Kazakhstan, its past and future, beautiful nature and lovely places for townpeople - everything just in the one tour! You will have a unique opportunity to have a lunch sitting at the real Kazakh "dastarkhan" аs well as obtain national souvenirs in memory of the most beautiful city of Kazakhstan…

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